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I personally witnessed Joeseph cursing at a truck in the parking lot of publix,at the top of his lungs he said fk you, many times .he then went into verizon, after some time he came out drove around the parking lot several times each time he laiyed on the horn , WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MANIAC, i thought..i then decided to see of he is an honest person.or IF he had a mental problem of some kind, turns out he has been arrested for stealing from wallgreens , please see it for yourself - citrus county clerk of the number 2010 ca 004790.

i would say that after seeing his behavior MY OPINION IS HE IS A MENTALLY ILL PERSON and i will not ever have him on my property, unless you want confrontation at your home DO NOT USE SUGARMILL WOODS POOL AND SPA. AND FROM WHAT I AM READING HERE SEEMS HE IS NOT AN HONEST PERSON.

as we all know the first time we get a speeding ticket is not the first time we drove over the it may not be the first time he stole.

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Woaaa Joe


This is Joseph Dawson Sr.First of all, my son was the plantiff in this case, not the defendant.

Please, look for yourself. Walgreens and an employee of Walgreens were the defendants. The employee's accusations were unfounded and proven to be false when the video was viewed by Walgreens. I assume the employee was fired, as he was never seen at this Walgreens again.

For whatever reason, after the incident, he longer worked at this store. For me, it is plain to see that the defendant must have made this complaint as a method of revenge. I'm not an english professor or an expert in the english language, but when I see his haphazard style of writing, disjointed sentences, bad grammar and incorrect punctuation, I have to wonder how any intelligent person would believe anything he has written.

In addition, and since I do all the bookkeeping, my son makes six figures.This is not to brag, but to make the point that my son does not have to steal.

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